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Where are your offices?

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Where do you work?

We undertake work in most city and rural locations, except in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Some rural locations may be subject to agreed disbursement of reasonable travel expenses and reduced-rate travel time.

What is the price of an Evidex report?

We charge $280 per hour for Occupational Therapist reports and $310 per hour for our Forensic Accountants charges. The exact cost of each report is determined by the circumstances of the case and on the number of hours required to complete the report. However, an Evidex report is only required to be paid once a case or claim is settled, assisting you with your case and business cash-flow considerations. We also have fixed-fee Vocational Assessment reports in Victoria.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by the following:

  1. Click on the ‘commission a report’ button on the home page of this website and complete the details. Your appointment will be emailed back to you.
  2. Call 1300 11 89 88 for our dedicated appointment line.
  3. Send us your detailed instructions in the post/DX and we will arrange an appointment with your client directly (if necessary) and send the details to you. Contact us page.

Why should I use Evidex for my Occupational Therapy report?

We are committed to producing the best possible reports with the best possible service. Only premium quality reports have the following qualities, that you will fail to find together in any alternative report provider:

  1. We peer-review all of our reports by another equally qualified assessment professional
  2. We accept payment of our fee upon resolution of the claim not upon production of the report
  3. We provide a one stop service for your reports, including all necessary financial considerations, calculated by our team of Forensic Accountants.

Where do appointments take place?

We always conduct our appointments for our Activities of Daily Life reports at the client’s home. Appointments for Vocational Assessments can be completed at our offices, at your office or at the client’s home.

Are Evidex reports more expensive than other reports?

We have recently overhauled our report preparation procedures, so you may find that our reports are less expensive than you thought. However, as a highly professional organisation with the best team of staff only the best, superior quality reports, you may find a small premium when comparing our fees to alternative report providers. But with payment only required on resolution (maximum term 3 years), the months and sometimes years taken to settle our fees offers significant cash-flow benefits to your case, comprehensively reducing the direct financial impact of our services to your business.

What can I expect from an Evidex report?

We will deliver the best possible drafted report, confidently withstanding the most intense scrutiny in court. An Evidex report is highly detailed and sets the quality standard for our industry. Our reports are built on experience, commitment, compassion, quality and excellence and thoroughly and thoughtfully cover all areas that a claim or case requires. While our reports follow a proven and unique formula, your report will be unique to your claim. A robust and premium-level report that you can confidently rely on to settle your claim.




Sydney – Senior Occupational Therapist
Our ideal candidate will have previous medico-legal reporting experience and at least 10 years experience.
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