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Being the best is more than what we do, it is who we are. The industry-leading reports we produce are created by our team of expert Managers, Occupational Therapists and Forensic Accountants who research, assess, peer review and expert witness every report.

Management Team

Jennine Husdell LLB

National Manager

A highly experienced lawyer and legal services Director with Australian and international credentials. Jennine’s law degree is supported by significant business and financial qualifications, adding weight to her experience creating and managing successful legal offices across the world.

Jennine manages all of Evidex’s Australian offices and is based in Evidex’s Sydney office.

Contact Jennine on 1300 11 89 88

Occupational Therapists and Expert Witnesses

Glen D

Senior Occupational Therapist

Over 15 years of experience, in community based health consulting and vocational rehabilitation settings, with specialist skills in ADL, Vocational Assessment, functional education, assistive equipment and home modifications. Glen has prepared in excess of 300 ADL reports and Vocational Assessments for Evidex.

Diane P

Senior Occupational Therapist

30 years of Occupational Therapy experience in public, private and community sectors, with extensive knowledge of children and adults in acute and long term facilities and unique experience in medico-legal report preparation. Diane is extremely experienced in ADL reports, Vocational Assessments and Life Care Plans.

Karol P

Senior Occupational Therapist

Almost 15 years of public and private sector Occupational Therapy experience, with expertise in paediatric disability, neurological and spinal cord injuries, traumatic and acquired brain injury, orthopaedics and amputee rehabilitation.

Lorraine C

Senior Occupational Therapist

40 years of experience in clinical, rehabilitation and employer-based settings, with extensive knowledge of WorkCover and Comcare issues; providing in-house rehabilitation, external rehabilitation and return to work services. Lorraine undertakes Vocational Assessments for Evidex.

Melissa S

Senior Occupational Therapist

With over 9 years experience in injury treatment and rehabilitation management in both public and private sectors Melissa has conducted a variety of medico-legal reports. Melissa specialises in MVA injuries and ADL reports.

Brooke F

Senior Occupational Therapist

With over 12 years of experience as a clinician, Brooke has significant experience in neurological, physical and psychiatric matters. She has drafted hundreds of ADL reports for complex claims as well as vocational reports. She has advanced training and accreditation for medico legal assessment. Brooke works from our NSW and QLD offices.

Catherine B

Senior Occupational Therapist

With over 17 years experience in public and private sectors, Catherine has extensive experience in traumatic and acquired brain injury, neurological conditions, amities, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions. A specialist in injury treatment and rehabilitation management, Catherine is well placed to provide ADL reports in MVA and medical negligence matters.

Forensic Accountants

Ian Davy

Consulting Forensic Accountant

A uniquely experienced senior level financial specialist, with a career spanning 4 decades of commercial sector, financial and management accounting, strategic planning and business accounting with due diligence investigations and forensic accounting. Ian has been with Evidex since 1998.

Michael McLoughlin

Consulting Forensic Accountant (Sydney)

A senior level audit, tax and commercial accountant with 35 years of accountancy experience, including Chartered Practice, group tax accounting, financial controlling and 4 years as a consulting Forensic Accountant with Evidex.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Reports

Activities of Daily Living reports, Loss of Dependency and Life Care Plans.
Forensic Accounting Reports

Forensic Accounting Reports

Personal Injury Losses calculations and Economic Loss reports.
Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments and Reports by registered Occupational Therapists.


Sydney – Senior Occupational Therapist
Our ideal candidate will have previous medico-legal reporting experience and at least 10 years experience.
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