NDIS Reports

Use our NDIS Reports to assess a person’s needs for personal care, domestic assistance, specialised equipment, and therapy and other services.

These reports are based on a home visit by our registered Occupational Therapists, who assesses the applicant’s day-to-day care needs. This visit will identify and assess environmental and injury-related barriers to independent living for all levels of care needs and living arrangements.

NDIS experience

Evidex has a corporate memory spanning 25 years, and thousands of reports under the belt.  When we assess NDIS applicants, our ensuing report is:

  • objective
  • empirical
  • watertight

Whatever your field and focus, we have the expert experience:

  • spinal cord
  • brain injury
  • abuse law
  • psychological injury
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • public liability
  • medical negligence
  • work-related injury / workers compensation
  • end-of-life care
  • amputee care needs
  • orthopaedic injury
  • paediatric care needs / injuries at birth
  • dust diseases


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NEW! Short-form OT Reports

Activities of Daily Living Reports for less complex scenarios.
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Reports

Activities of Daily Living reports, Loss of Dependency and Life Care Plans.

Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments and Reports by registered Occupational Therapists.
Forensic Accounting Reports

Forensic Accounting Reports

Personal Injury Losses calculations and Economic Loss reports.

Video Evidence

Day In The Life DVDs, as well as Video Notes to accompany OT reports.
Commission the Best


OT reports assessing day-to-day care needs under the NDIS.

Liability Reports

Expert opinion on employer WHS liability toward injured employees.

Vocational Assessments

Psychologist Reports

Expert medicolegal opinion on psychological capacity: return-to work assessments, and day-to-day psychological functioning assessments.