Economic Loss Reports

Where your client’s economic loss is controversial, commission an Evidex Economic Loss Report to settle matters.

Our forensic accounting team exists to supply the best evidence and reports for all of your Personal Injury claims, litigation or insurance-associated Personal Injury cases including:

  • Personal injury claims including accidents, liability and work-associated issues and ailments
  • Quantification of economic loss
  • Assessment of damages
  • Loss of dependency calculations and quantification of economic and dependency loss
  • Review of accounting reports
  • Business claims including workflow interruption, product recall and liability
  • Professional indemnity, negligence, stock loss
  • Review of accounting reports

OT Quantum Assessment

All Evidex OT Reports and Vocational Assessments include forensic accounting as standard.

Our forensic accountants quantify your claim based on our OTs’ recommendations.

Tested in both plaintiff- and defence-side matters, our proprietary forensic accounting model is more accurate than the standard approach seen elsewhere.

For OT Reports, our forensic accounting calculates the quantum of care needs, services, equipment, home mods, and all other OT recommendations.


Vocational Loss Quantum

For Vocational Assessments, based on the occupations identified by the OT, our forensic accounting gives a present-day value of lost earnings, taking into account super, tax, future discounting, and all other relevant factors.




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NEW! Short-form OT Reports

Activities of Daily Living Reports for less complex scenarios.
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Reports

Activities of Daily Living reports, Loss of Dependency and Life Care Plans.

Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments and Reports by registered Occupational Therapists.
Forensic Accounting Reports

Forensic Accounting Reports

Personal Injury Losses calculations and Economic Loss reports.

Video Evidence

Day In The Life DVDs, as well as Video Notes to accompany OT reports.
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OT reports assessing day-to-day care needs under the NDIS.

Liability Reports

Expert opinion on employer WHS liability toward injured employees.

Vocational Assessments

Psychologist Reports

Expert medicolegal opinion on psychological capacity: return-to work assessments, and day-to-day psychological functioning assessments.