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Personal Injury

We are proud to offer the most complete personal injury report service in Australia. Our expert registered Occupational Therapists assess, report, peer-review and witness all of our personal injury cases, including cases requiring forensic accounting and those that need full life care plans as a result of catastrophic injuries.

Activities of Daily Living Reports

Use our Activities of Daily Living Assessments to outline a person’s needs for personal care, domestic assistance, specialised equipment and home modifications.

These reports provide a quantitative opinion on the costs associated to an individual’s case through a home visit by our registered Occupational Therapists. This visit will identify and assess environmental barriers to independent living for all levels of care needs and living arrangements.

Equipment costs and necessary home modifications are outlined for current or future residences with care needs also costed via a forensic accounting section within your ADL report.

Life Care Plans

Use our Life Care Plans to outline all care and equipment needs to maximise the independence of those suffering from catastrophic injuries, such as acquired brain injury or spinal injury. These may include home modifications, vehicle modifications, respite care, holidays and case management.

Day in the Life Video Footage

Enhance your client’s case with our ‘day in the life’ DVDs. These visual representations feature a typical day for a person suffering from a catastrophic injury and are used in conjunction with an Activities of Daily Living Report or Life Care Plan.

See also Vocational Assessments


Family Law

Additionally, our registered Occupational Therapists assist your case when the needs of separating couples include health or earning capacity considerations or where financial support may be required due to impaired health either directly or as a care-giver or where an individual’s earning potential is affected by health or employment experience.


Economic Losses

Use our highly qualified Forensic Accountants to accurately assess the economic impact or financial loss associated with an Occupational Therapy assessed personal injury claim.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Reports

Activities of Daily Living reports, Loss of Dependency and Life Care Plans.
Forensic Accounting Reports

Forensic Accounting Reports

Personal Injury Losses calculations and Economic Loss reports.
Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments and Reports by registered Occupational Therapists.