NDIS Reports

Use our NDIS Reports to assess a person’s needs for personal care, domestic assistance, specialised equipment, and therapy and other services.

These reports are based on a home visit by our registered Occupational Therapists, who assesses the applicant’s day-to-day care needs. This visit will identify and assess environmental and injury-related barriers to independent living for all levels of care needs and living arrangements.

NDIS experience

Evidex has a corporate memory spanning 25 years, and thousands of reports under the belt.  When we assess NDIS applicants, our ensuing report is:

  • objective
  • empirical
  • watertight

Whatever your field and focus, we have the expert experience:

  • spinal cord
  • brain injury
  • abuse law
  • psychological injury
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • public liability
  • medical negligence
  • work-related injury / workers compensation
  • end-of-life care
  • amputee care needs
  • orthopaedic injury
  • paediatric care needs / injuries at birth
  • dust diseases


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